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Trust from the business world!


Longstanding cooperation

At Blumagine, we know that in the world of IT support, long-term success is built on trusted collaboration and expertise. For many years, we have been proud to maintain close partnerships with numerous companies in the IT industry that are looking not only for reliable IT solutions, but also for a collaborative relationship that will last for years to come.

Safety begins with trust

Security is a fundamental need for businesses and individuals. Without security, our data, systems and applications are at risk. We are aware of the importance of security and attach great importance to the trustworthiness of our customers. We understand that trust is based on transparency and openness. That is why we offer our customers clear insights into our processes and solutions.

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Building Diagnostics Braun GmbH & Co KG

I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent cooperation. Your company has proven to be extremely reliable, honest, confident and professional in my eyes. It is comforting to know that I can rely on your services.

I especially appreciate that you always have an open ear for questions and concerns. This personal touch makes the cooperation particularly pleasant. Even for “old school” people like me, your company is perfectly suitable. They know how to combine traditional values and modern know-how in a remarkable way.

Thank you very much for your excellent work.
I look forward to a continued successful partnership.

Bettina Anna Brown

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Trauma counseling Lindner

It is my pleasure to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent work of Blumagine, who has undertaken the design of my website, with exceptional talent and dedication.

Blumagine not only met my expectations, but exceeded them in every way. The website they created is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely functional and user-friendly. It is obvious that Blumagine is not only a skilled designer, but also a true professional in his field.

Throughout the project, the cooperation was extremely pleasant. Blumagine took the time to thoroughly understand my vision and needs and translated them into an amazing web design. Communication was always transparent and efficient, and Blumagine was always willing to address my questions, concerns, and change requests.

I am thrilled with the result and confident that the website Blumagine designed represents my dream counseling practice at the highest level. Their creativity, expertise and dedication have made this project a great success.

Alexandra Lindner

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Stuerberater Kusch

We have been working with Lars Kusch, Blumagine, for almost two years. Blumagine assists us in making decisions about our office’s IT equipment, network technology, and ongoing maintenance. In addition, he has implemented significant parts of our new website. We are very grateful to have found a highly qualified contact person for EDP, who is able to assist us in problem cases even at very short notice.

Dr. Claudia Kusch

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