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Web design

Web design

Modern and creative for you

Good for Google

No one can find your page? It shows up on page 10 in the search engines? This may be because your website is not SEO optimized yet. We undertake this adaptation website expertly and with great feeling for language. For this purpose, we adapt the texts of your website to the requirements of search engines and insert so-called metatags in the background of the page. In this way, we ensure that your website can flourish unhindered in the vast world of the Word Wide Web.

Analyze like a pro

Do you want to know who is browsing your website? Or with which device your website is accessed, at what time most visitors come, from which country these visitors come …. . We offer you a tool free of charge that allows you to analyze the usage of your website in detail. With this powerful tool, you can get to know your target audience and tailor the content of your website exactly to them.

Smartphone FIRST

Search engines prefer websites that are designed for cell phones. Therefore, in parallel, we build a complete website for you, tailored exclusively to the needs of cell phone users. For the users of tablets or phablets, we offer the third parallel-running version of your website. So that every visitor gets a perfectly tailored impression of you!

One layout - just for you

Lightning fast loading times

No visitor should click away from your website because it takes too long to load. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, Litespeed® servers and intelligent caching, we significantly reduce the loading times of individual pages. Benefit from servers specially tuned for web hosting, beating even Google in Pagespeed Insights (THE analysis tool for website speed). It doesn’t matter if you run a store, provide images for customers or just want to present your portfolio, we’ll bring speed to it.

Featherlight operation

The world of the WWW is constantly and persistently changing. You would like to revise the texts of your website yourself, you would like to install updates yourself or introduce new slogans? Thanks to our visual builder Divi, updating your website in the future will be a breeze. The individual building blocks of the website, such as text blocks, headlines or images, are transferred to intuituv editors, in which you can change and adapt them to your liking. Get creative!

Always up to date

The websites we create are based on the currently world’s largest framework “WordPress”. This guarantees that our technical base is always up to date. This is because the adaptation to technical innovations or threats from viruses are implemented into the websites created by us in the shortest possible time, largely fully automatically. In addition, a WAF (Web Application Firewall) is integrated into the pages to protect the website. So that you are always safe and up to date.

Our creative offers:

Frequently asked questions?

How fast do I get my website?

After completing the online booking, you will usually receive a call from us on your deposited phone number within the next 5 business days. From this date it takes max. one day until you have access to your personal hosting incl. of your own domain. After that, about four weeks pass until you are presented with your final product.

What is the process to the final website?

In an initial telephone conversation, we will discuss the exact process with you, clarify design issues, and give you a schedule overview. After that, you will receive the access data for your hosting as well as your personal domain within a day. Then we start the creative work and design your website for you. About 4 weeks later, the big day has come for you to be amazed.

What does optimization for smartphone & tablet mean?

The goal of mobile optimization is the precise display and use of web content on mobile devices. The use of smartphones, tablets and wearables is steadily increasing. Research, online shopping, watching videos and much more is increasingly taking place on mobile devices. This makes it important for website operators to set them up in such a way that the user experience is as high as possible. Logically, websites designed for the desktop, for example, must be adapted to smaller screens and highly differentiated user behavior.

Differences between desktop ads on computers and smartphones:

  • The size of the mobile smartphone display is significantly smaller.
  • The view on the smartphone is vertical, on the computer desktop it is horizontal.
  • The smartphone user tends to use a touchscreen or voice input rather than a mouse as input. However, both options are also available on computer desktop.
  • Mobility means that the user is often on the move and the Internet connection on the smartphone may be slower.
  • Users click on certain areas on their smartphone more often unintentionally.

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What layouts are available or are there customized layouts?

You can choose from a selection of 281 ready-made layouts. For an additional charge of 15 € per page we will create a personal layout for you.

Is there a blog / news feature?

Yes, our layout offers full support for news functions or blog posts.

What does SEO optimization mean?

As SEO (English for Search Engine Optimization ) refers to all measures that are suitable for improving the ranking of a website in the organic search results of search engines and thus increasing traffic. Important components of search engine optimization are, among others, the creation or enhancement of relevant and unique content, the use of corresponding Keywords, Title Tags or Meta Descriptions as well as internal linking on the website. Especially links from other pages leading to your own website are indispensable for a good ranking.

Google, as the leading search engine, tries to evaluate websites by the standards of a human reader with the help of an algorithm. The ranking is also established according to these criteria.

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I already have a domain?

If you already have a domain, you are welcome to transfer your domain to us – alternatively, we are happy to use your existing provider and connect via DNS record.

Are there any optional add-on packages?
  • Website backup (without backup storage) 25,00 € / year
  • Website backup (incl. backup storage) 85,00 € / year
  • Access to analytics data, such as number of visitors, device type and location: 55 € / year
  • SSL certificate with Organization or Extended Validation on request
  • Legal package: Creation of an individual legally compliant imprint and privacy policy 50.00 € one-time fee
  • Setup of up to three additional users incl. Legal administration 25,00 € one time
On what basis is the website created?

The website is set up on a shared hosting with WordPress. Divi always serves as the theme.

How long is the contract period?

The contract has a minimum term of 12 months from the date of conclusion. After that, the contract can be terminated at any time on a monthly basis. The purchased domains are extended by 12 months each, as well as the Website Backup and Website Backup (incl. backup storage) packages. The Analysis package can be cancelled on a monthly basis, and the remaining amount is reimbursed on a daily pro rata basis.

What happens in the event of termination?

In case of termination, we will delete your hosting at the end of the contract and release your domain. Recovery of the data is then no longer possible. You will receive your programmed website 14 days before the end of the contract, as well as a database dump and a domain transfer auth code for transfer to another provider.

Do you still have questions?

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