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IT Services

IT Services

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Personal customer service is our top priority. Because we can only help you if we understand how we can help you and where your problems lie. Therefore, we offer you a free initial consultation in which you describe to us the points on which we may work for you. Contact us now!


Thinking of expanding or need a new server? We would be happy to help you find a professionally sound and future-oriented solution. We exclusively use components from well-known manufacturers such as Supermicro, TP-Link or Western Digital. Of course, we also take care of the subsequent assembly and installation for you!


A computer or a server, similar to a car, needs regular technical maintenance and replacement of used components. We clean the fans, check the function of installed components such as hard disks, SSDs, power supplies or storage controllers and replace them after consultation with you.


A variety of dangers lurk on the Internet these days: from prepared e-mails, to links that request your bank data, to Trojans or ransomware that shut down company operations. By means of our cooperation partners, we can offer your company a protection solution regardless of its size. In addition, we install hotfixes at your site to resolve security-critical vulnerabilities as quickly as possible.

Our partners:

Blumagine - ecom logo

ECOM Trading is one of the leading international trading companies for PC hardware and spare parts of all kinds. Especially when fast replacement is required because you need a spare part, we can deliver at short notice. If you place an order before 18:00, you will receive your spare part the very next day.

Blumagine - ingrammicro weiss

Ingram Micro is the world’s largest wholesaler of information and communications technology. With over 35,000 employees and 80,000 square meters of warehouse space, every hardware component is within reach for you. Thanks to the simple returns system, even defective parts can be returned quickly and easily.

Blumagine - authorized reseller

The MSP360™ platform combines the leading, easy-to-use backup solution for world-class data protection, secure remote access software for remote maintenance, and hassle-free RMM for managing all aspects of IT infrastructure under a single interface.

Blumagine - Wasabi

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage is the hottest cloud storage in the world. Flexible, cost-effective and scalable S3 cloud storage. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage allows you to easily store virtually unlimited amounts of data at a predictable price.

Blumagine - partner badge authorized

eM Client is the most versatile mail program on the market. Connect to any email service, such as Google Workspace, Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, IceWarp, Mailfence, Google Meet, or even Zoom, in just a few seconds.

Blumagine - logo ebertlang

Since 1995, EBERTLANG has stood for value-added distribution in German-speaking Europe, for intelligent software in the infrastructure sector, and for technical and sales support beyond the norm in the industry.

Blumagine - k United Registered Partner

Kasperksy is a privately held international company whose holding company is based in the United Kingdom. Kaspersky’s leading threat intelligence is the foundation of our customers’ effective protection. So that you can use technologies both privately and professionally with a secure and good feeling.

Update management

By means of our RMM software (Remote Monitoring and ManagmentSoftware), we make it easy for you to perform regular sortware maintenance on your PCs and servers: This allows you to keep your equipment park up to date without human intervention. You can also easily install and update your own software on hundreds of PCs.

Backup & Backup

By means of our partners Wasabi and MSP360 Managed Backup, we offer you an extremely powerful backup solution that provides you with file or file system based backup to hard disks or our cloud storage. The backup can be created on the fly and is kept according to specified parameters (grandfather-father-son system).

Error analysis

Is your IT system not running smoothly or do errors keep occurring that you can’t explain? After you describe to us what the problem is, we will give you tips on what the problem could be and how to solve it. In the case of persistent problems, we are also happy to come to your premises to analyze and rectify the fault on site.

Platform synchronization

Today, each of us uses at least one smartphone, tablet or laptop – and it would be optimal if you could see the same calendar, contacts and pictures on all of them. We would be happy to help you maintain a uniform data master without having to invest a lot of time by means of our partner solution emClient.


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Wenn man es nicht richtig macht, hat man bestenfalls eine schnellere Raupe.

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