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Telephony, modern and simple!

Cloud Telephone System

No more regular maintenance, just pure phone fun! Since all of our phone systems are purely cloud-based, you don’t have to worry about any maintenance. You can also benefit from a constantly growing portfolio of features. The only prerequisite for this is a stable Internet connection, which can be found in the vast majority of companies. Thanks to VoIP technology (telephony over the Internet), your call will be transmitted in better quality and with a lot of comfort. Don’t keep your customers waiting any longer.

Full mobility

Whether from the home office, on the road or even on vacation – thanks to the cloud telephone system, you can be reached anywhere. Easily have calls transferred from the office to employees’ home offices, and even transfer calls to employees without Internet access. The focus is on Reventix’s innovative softphone app for Android and iOS. This makes it child’s play to transfer, pass on and hold calls outside your company – and the person you’re talking to won’t even notice.


Since sensitive data is exchanged during a phone call, all phone calls with us are fully encrypted using SIPS and SRTP. As a result, you benefit from the extremely high security standard of your calls.

Our partners:

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Reventix is a strong partner when it comes to innovative cloud telephony. Since 2005, Reventix has offered strong in-house developments, such as cloud telephony. The owner-managed company from Berlin stands for the best service – both in person on site, online in the comprehensive Wiki and on the phone via the excellent Reventix support. Thus we offer you the perfect cooperation product incl. Maintenance on.

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Snom is one of the first VoIP manufacturers in the world. The innovative company from Berlin scores with a rich selection of products, as well as an unbeaten choice of features, so that every one of your wishes can be fulfilled. At the same time, the partnership allows for fast support and extensive discounts, as well as free trial units for your project.

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TAPICall is our software of choice when it comes to CTI-supported telephony (connection between telephone and computer). TAPICall offers automatic integration into Outlook, reverse call lookup and caller lists. In addition, software is also available for integrating Snom and Yealink with existing CTI systems.

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PhoneSuite CTI Pro is a software that has been around for many years, is easy to use and offers a rich set of modern features for little money, such as extension monitoring, employee chat, out-of-office notifications and much more.

Simple central management

In the central configuration interface of the telephone system, you can easily set up your desired configuration for all terminals, telephones and employees. A clear interface and self-explanatory menu items quickly guide you to your goal. Of course, we will gladly take over complex configurations for you.

Effortless changeover

Our motto is “That went like clockwork”. Thanks to the cloud telephone system, we set up the telephone system with you in advance according to your wishes. Once the configuration is in place and you’re ready for the switch, we’ll submit the number porting request – from that moment on, it’s just a matter of sitting back and relaxing. A few days later your numbers are ported to Reventix and the fun can begin!


Rich range of functions

Whether you need queues, different priorities and call times, prioritization for specific customer groups or simply an answering service, Reventix provides it. Functions such as Fax2Mail, algorithm-controlled agent distribution or voice menus are a small matter. We are also happy to help you with the setup here. All these functions are already included in the basic price.

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